Getting the Best MySQL Performance in Your Products: Part IV, Partitioning

Partitioning can greatly increase the performance of your queries, especially when doing full table scans over large tables. Partitioning is also an excellent way to manage very large tables (100GB or more).  It’s one of the best ways to build higher performance into your product’s embedded or bundled MySQL, and particularly for hardware-constrained appliances and devices.
This presentation shows you how to create a proper partitioning layout and reviews the different types of partitioning.  It also reviews real world scenarios in which partitioning does (and does not) make sense. The presentation covers the following topics.  

  • Partitioning 101
  • Types of partitioning in MySQL
  • Managing Partitions
  • Partitions and Indexes
  • Short Term Rolling Data
  • Long Term Rolling Data
  • Optimize, Analyze, etc. by Partition
  • New in MySQL 5.5 and 5.6