MySQL in Healthcare

Hospitals and Medical Practitioners face a number of challenges above and beyond simply providing excellent medical care. For example, government and insurance regulations such as HIPAA require them to protect the confidentially and security of patient information. To control costs, practices need to operate more efficiently and automate everything from patient scheduling and billing to prescription and EMR (Electronic Medical Record) management. However, EMR and business process solutions can be costly and complex to implement both for large physician groups and especially for small practices that don't have the financial and technical resources to manage their own IT infrastructure.

From a technology standpoint, data is the key behind Healthcare applications including Practice Management Solutions, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) / Electronic Health Records (EHR), Monitoring Equipment, and Digital Imaging Systems that help doctors deliver better medical care. As the rate of adoption for EMR solutions accelerates and amount of patient health data being processed from medical equipment and devices soars, these solutions require a high-performance transactional database for processing patient information.

MySQL Advantages

MySQL provides a cost-effective and powerful data repository used by many of the leading healthcare solution providers including eClinicalWorks and MacPractice. MySQL Enterprise Edition provides healthcare providers with the following benefits:

  • High Performance and Scalable - MySQL allows healthcare providers to deploy large installations that process high volumes of data.
  • MySQL Enterprise Audit - MySQL Enterprise Audit is a policy-based auditing solution that helps organizations implement stronger security controls and satisfy regulatory compliance.
  • Zero Administration - MySQL eliminates the need to hire costly database administrators to maintain the database, which is particularly valuable for smaller practices, which often lack full-time IT support
  • Ease of use - Healthcare providers can get a complete solution up-and-running quickly using an out-of-the box configuration.
  • Multi-platform support MySQL supports over 20 platforms making it ideal for the healthcare industry in which a wide variety of platforms are used, including Mac OS, Windows, and increasingly Linux.
  • Cost-effective - Small and medium sized medical practices can implement powerful and modern web-based medical applications.
  • MySQL Enterprise Edition - MySQL Enterprise Edition includes a comprehensive set of advanced features, management tools including MySQL Enterprise Monitor, MySQL Enterprise Backup and MySQL Enterprise Security to achieve the highest levels of scalability, security, reliability, and uptime.

Healthcare Care Providers

  • Private Practice / Doctors - Practice Automation
  • Hospitals - Medical, Surgical
  • Medical Laboratories - Hospital Laboratories, Private Laboratories
  • Home Healthcare Services - Medical and Non medical Home Care,
  • Nursing Care Facilities - Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities
  • Outpatient Facilities - Physicians Offices, Surgical Facilities
  • Pharmaceuticals - Drugs, Biotech, Research
  • Equipment - Medical Devices, Monitoring, Imaging/Visualization

Healthcare Systems

MySQL in Healthcare Applications

Carl Zeiss Meditec AG

Carl Zeiss Meditec AG is one of the world's leading medical technology companies. Carl Zeiss uses MySQL to centrally store and manage all patient and clinical data that is generated by diagnostic instruments.

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eClinicalWorks provides a comprehensive unified electronic health records (EHR) solution with practice management. With approximately one in five Americans' health data stored using eClinicalWorks software, it has the largest Software as a Service (SaaS) network in the industry.

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MacPractice is the leading developer and supplier of practice management and clinical software, hardware and services on Apple Mac systems. MySQL is used to store all critical data including patient data, clinical information, prescription history, billing history and more.

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FairWarning is the leading supplier of healthcare privacy auditing solutions for Electronic Health Records (EHR). FairWarning Essentials continuously collects audit logs from a range of applications including GE, Cerner, Epic Systems and McKesson and relies on MySQL as a high performance and scalable database to continuously aggregate, search and report on terabytes of patient data.

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Waiting Room Solutions

Using MySQL, Waiting Room Solutions was able to develop a modular web-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Practice Management solution to support thousands of medical practices, with the following features: electronic medical and health records; billing; scheduling; electronic prescriptions; online patient registration; practice website; messaging; order tracking; transcription; document management; and disease management.

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